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String Math 2022
University of Warsaw, Poland
July 11-15, 2022

Krakowskie Przedmieście Street, The Main Gate of the University of Warsaw, photo: M. Kaźmierczak

The series of String-Math conferences

The series of String-Math conferences has developed into a central event on the interface between mathematics and physics related to string theory, quantum field theory and related topics. The conferences have been organized annually since 2011; the conference in 2022 is organized at the Faculty of Physics, University of Warsaw (Pasteura Street 5, 02-093 Warsaw, Poland). The list of previous String-Math conferences is here.
The Main Campus of the University of Warsaw, photo: J.Grabek

The University of Warsaw

The University of Warsaw, founded in 1816, is the largest university in Poland and a leading research centre in the country and in this region of Europe. The Faculty of Physics and the Faculty of Mathematics, Informatics, and Mechanics, are regarded as one of the best in the country, and are recognized internationally for the high quality of research and education. The university is located in the capital of Poland, one of the most dynamically developing European cities. Warsaw is the centre of political and economic life and has a lively social and cultural scene.

Invited Speakers

Lakshya Bhardwaj (University of Oxford)
Antoine Bourget (CEA Saclay)
Pierrick Bousseau (ETH Zürich)
Andrei Caldararu (University of Wisconsin Madison)
Mirjam Cvetic (University of Pennsylvania)
Jan Dereziński (University of Warsaw)
Netta Engelhardt (MIT)
Dan Freed (University of Texas at Austin)
Davide Gaiotto (Perimeter Institute)
Rajesh Gopakumar (ICTS, Bangalore)
David Jordan (University of Edinburgh)
Heeyeon Kim (Rutgers University)
Maxim Kontsevich (IHÉS)
Conan Leung (Chinese University of Hong Kong)
Wei Li (Chinese Academy of Sciences)
Dalimil Mazac (IAS)
Nikita Nekrasov (Simons Center for Geometry and Physics)
Sunghyuk Park (California Institute of Technology)
Boris Pioline (Sorbonne Université and CNRS)
Sam Raskin (University of Texas at Austin)
Fabian Ruehle (Northeastern University)
Vincent Vargas (CNRS, Ecole Normale Supérieure de Paris)
Brian Williams (University of Edinburgh)
Lauren Williams (Harvard University)
Edward Witten (IAS)
Mayuko Yamashita (Kyoto University)
Yaping Yang (University of Melbourne)

Public Lecture: Maryna Viazovska (EPFL)


Information for participants

In order to register, you should submit the following form.


Registration deadline: June 1, 2022.


Conference fee:
– standard fee: 1200 PLN
– fee for (PhD and all other) students: 900 PLN


The conference fee covers all coffee breaks, lunches, conference dinner, and conference materials.


In case you would need some financial support, please tick an appropriate box in the registration form and ask a senior scientist (e.g. your supervisor) to send a recommendation letter to stringmath2022@fuw.edu.pl, with “[Your name] – support” in the title of the message.


The registration will be completed after you make a transfer of the conference fee (also taking care of transfer fees, if applicable) to the following  bank account:


Account Holder: Uniwersytet Warszawski, ul. Krakowskie Przedmieście 26/28, PL-00-927 Warszawa
Bank Name: Bank Millennium SA, Stanisława Żaryna 2A, PL-02-593 Warszawa
IBAN Code: PL 77 1160 2202 0000 0000 6084 9264
Reference: String Math 2022 [your name]


During the conference one session with parallel contributing talks will take place. Participants will also have a chance to present conference posters. If you are interested in either of these opportunities, please fill in appropriate fields in the registration form.


Faculty of Physics, University of Warsaw
ul. Pasteura 5, 02-093 Warsaw, Poland


Plenary talks will take place in the main lecture hall (lecture hall 0.03) of the Faculty of Physics. Coffee breaks, lunches, and poster presentations will be arranged in the main hall of the Faculty of Physics.


E-mail: stringmath2022@fuw.edu.pl

Warsaw Chopin Airport – the main airport serving Warsaw. It is located within the city limits, 10 km from the city center, which you can easily reach by a few city buses, a train line, and a taxi.


Warsaw Modlin Airport – another airport, mainly serving budget airlines, located 35 km from the city . It takes around 50 minutes to get to the city center, either by bus and train or a taxi.


Warszawa Centralna Railway Station – the main railway station located in the city center, also serving international trains.


Public transport in Warsaw – the city has a vast transportation network, which includes buses, metro, and trams. You can buy tickets for a single trip (up to either 20 or 75 minutes, with transfers allowed), or multi-day tickets.


Warsaw Public Bike “Veturilo” – one of the largest urban bike systems in Europe. It is a good complement to public transport in Warsaw and allows quick navigation through our city, with over 300 stations and more than 4500 bicycles available. You can register and use at little or (for short enough rides) no cost.

Participants requiring a visa to visit Poland are advised to apply for one at Polish consulate well in advance. Information about Polish embassies and consulates can be found here.


Official information about covid regulations at the University of Warsaw can be found here. At this moment covid restrictions, concerning visitors and conference organization, have been waived.


Organizing Committee

Paweł Caputa
Zygmunt Lalak
Adrian Langer
Miłosz Panfil
Jacek Pawełczyk
Piotr Sułkowski (chair)
Rafał R. Suszek

Scientific Committee

Louis Alvarez-Gaume
Mina Aganagic
David Ben-Zwi
Philip Candelas
Miranda Cheng
Simon Donaldson
Matthias Gaberdiel
Davide Gaiotto
Mark Gross
Albrecht Klemm
Juan Maldacena
Matilde Marcolli
Greg Moore
Hiraku Nakajima
Nikita Nekrasov
Tony Pantev
Leonardo Rastelli
Nicolai Reshetikhin
Sakura Schafer-Nameki
Yuji Tachikawa
Richard Thomas
Katrin Wendland

Steering Committee

Ron Donagi (University of Pennsylvania)
Dan Freed (University of Texas at Austin)
Nigel Hitchin (University of Oxford)
Sheldon Katz (University of Illinois)
Maxim Kontsevich (IHÉS)
David Morrison (University of California)
Hirosi Ooguri (Caltech & IPMU)
Boris Pioline (Université Pierre et Marie Curie)
Joerg Teschner (DESY)
Edward Witten (Institute for Advanced Study)
Shing-Tung Yau (Harvard University)

Previous Conferences

String-Math 2021 – Instituto de Matemática Pura e Aplicada, Brazil

String Math 2020 – Universities of Stellenbosch and Cape Town, South Africa

String Math 2019 – Uppsala University, Sweden

String Math 2018 – Tohoku University, Japan

String Math 2017 – Universität Hamburg, Germany

String Math 2016 – Collège de France, France

String Math 2015 – Tsinghua University, China

String Math 2014 – University of Alberta, Canada

String Math 2013 – Stony Brook, USA

String Math 2012 – Universität Bonn, Germany

String Math 2011 – University of Pennsylvania, USA